Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creamy Crunchies

Have friends coming over and want to make a quick snack?  Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free or not, these Creamy Crunchies are a crispy, savoury treat! 

Daiya has just released into the market a line of different dairy-free cream cheeses!  Whohoo for all of us who are allergic to dairy or are vegan!  I stumbled on to these new products at the health food store in Tenafly, Healthway Natural Foods

As soon as I got home, I spread some of the Chive and Onion Cream Cheese, which I whipped a little, on a couple of gluten free Mary's Gone Crackers; but that didn't hit the spot.  So I chopped up some sun dried tomatoes which I had picked up from Trader Joe's earlier, and voila!  Instant gratification!  Yumm! X-Crunchy, creamy and yet a little "tarty" and definitely tasty.

Creamy Crunchies 

6 Mary Gone Crackers
3 TB Cream Cheese 
1TB Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes 

Easy snack for any time and perfect for the holidays!  You can always change the topping or the flavor of the cheese with different herbs and put chopped figs or cranberries on top.

Btw, confession, I didn't wait to get home to try out the cheese.  I had a spoonful  as soon as I got into the car!

Cheers to Healthy Bites!



  1. This looks delicious, plus a healthy AND easy recipe! I'm gonna have to try these :)

  2. Thank you Barbara. Yes, do let me know how you enjoyed them!