Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rainy Day Comfort Food - Gluten-Free, Vegan Omelet

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, there's nothing like comfort food - being gluten free and vegan due to allergies, the "Chickpea Omelet" or "Bésarn Omelette" hits the spot, especially being full of good vegan protein. Did you know that chickpeas are a great source of protein? It’s always exciting when you are in the mood for something and you actually have all the ingredients!  Fresh curry leaves, fresh packet of chickpea (garbanzo) flour, fragrant coriander (cilantro) leaves, green chilies, olives...

I have quickly written down this recipe with the ingredients I used as I have been asked for it by my fellow gluten-free friends. The curry leaves are not necessary, it’s the first time I used them along with the roasted cumin seeds and the flavor was amazing! Don’t wait to get the curry leaves to make this. You basically need the onions and tomatoes and the baking soda and can take it from there. 

1 cup – Chickpea Flour (Indian grocery store or Bob's Red Mill)
½ cup – Water (warm/room temp.)
½ Medium-size Onion – chopped
½ Tomato – chopped
Coriander Leaves – Handful – chopped
½ Green Chili – chopped (if you like it hot – add the whole chili pepper)
2 Garlic Cloves – chopped
½ inch Ginger – chopped
Pinch Baking Soda
Salt to taste
Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil (for med-high heat)

Curry Leaves –  (2 to 3 leaves – chopped finely)
1 tsp – Roasted Cumin seeds (you can skip or use 1 tsp cumin powder)
½ tsp – Turmeric powder
Olives – pitted and sliced

Put 1 cup of the chickpea flour in a bowl, 1 pinch of baking soda and then add the water, whisk until the lumps disappear. Start off with ¼ cup of water and gradually increase to make the consistency more like a pancake mixture – it shouldn’t be too watery. If you add too much water, simply add a little more of the flour.

Next add salt (to taste) and turmeric powder and whisk. Then add the remaining ingredients: ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander leaves, onions, tomatoes, chili pepper, curry leaves and olives. I added 1 tsp of coconut oil to this mixture, too.

Heat up 2 tsp of coconut oil in a non-stick pan. If you like the ‘omelet’ to be crispy, you can add more oil. When the oil is hot, use a ladle to pour the mixture. Tilt the pan in different directions so that mixture spreads evenly. Cook until you see bubbles (just as when making pancakes), then you can flip it over. You might need to add a little bit of oil or brush pan with oil before you cook the other side so that it is done well and gets crispy.

This is an Indian vegetarian omelet. You don’t need to add the curry leaves, cumin seeds or green chili pepper.  Btw, I forgot the baking soda, today, but they still came out delicious! Sometimes I add olives to give it a nice twist in the flavor. You can try olives and rosemary along with onions. Add what ingredients you like or have at home - let your creative juices flow.

Happy cooking!
Bon appétit!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Did You Hit Delete?

Have you ever hit delete in error?

We always get a prompt – are you sure you want to delete? Or “Proceed to delete?”

“Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?”

You get a second chance. Will we be given a second chance before we are “Deleted?”

All this reflection started out when to my utmost horror and astonishment I discovered that the number of photographs in my “Album” on my Samsung phone had changed from 3,000 to 3!  WTH!

I took a deep breath and said, surely, there must be a mistake.” Quickly went through each album on my phone – and as my heart thumped, the tears came trickling out – oh dear! All the photos were gone!  Sad. So Sad. Very Sad.

There went pictures from my daughter’s wedding – I consoled myself with the fact there were professional ones from the photographer; and in a way, it was a blessing that I got rid of the clutter. 

As the day transpired, I began to think of other photos that were deleted, and my heart opened the gate to sorrow. Go away sorrow – go away please. Photos of the blackboard from the Ayurveda classes were gone!  Oh no! The worst was ALL the photos from the farmers markets were gone – all the potential blogs….no more. No more sexy looking okra and red as ruby raspberries – all poofed into space. My heart continued to plummet while feelings of despair continued to taste the air.
Lesson Learned – this was a wake-up call – just do what you have to right there and then – post the pictures of the veggies right there and then. Whatever you want to do in life, just do it or make plans to, there might not be a second chance or going back. Don’t procrastinate  - whether it be forgiving or hugging someone, calling a loved one or simply loving yourself and taking that trip to Bali ;) for no one knows what tomorrow holds or when it is our turn to be deleted.
 Before they hit
and you become
Merrily accomplish your
Enjoy a life so Complete!

Have you found your true purpose here?  Are you living life to the fullest?
Wait no longer, my friend!


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Friday, February 13, 2015

Red Roses or Red Heart Box of Chocolates?

Do you feel loved when you receive red roses or are given a heart-shaped box of chocolates?

Is love about wearing a short red dress, red high heels, the Pandora bracelet with a heart charm and going for dinner and having a glass of red wine?

Is it when he gently slides your hair away from your face and kisses you on the cheek? 

With the passing of time, from raging passion in the boudoir there is a shift to the sofa, not another kama sutra pose, but a mere propping up of feet on the coffee table.  A slump, a mellow change....holding on to tightly, treasuring as lost found treasure when missing????......none other than the remote!  A sudden jealousy?  (wink)

Admirable is love when from behind their silver hair shine, one holding the other's arm, supporting and guiding through the slushy snow of life, caring and never letting go. 

Love is like your favorite pair of old shoes - comfortable, soft, so soft, cradling your feet - carrying you all day and never hurting you but always supporting you; such is true love.

May your life be blessed with a pair of comfortable shoes, a caring, loving partner!

wink. smile. laugh!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Mighty Miso

Nothing like a bowl of miso when you come home in the evening, nourishing, invigorating and soothing.  It's also a good source of probiotics, B12 and protein. 

While I was at Mitsuwa  some time ago, I had the honor of meeting Shintaro Asai the president of Maruya Hatcho Miso.  He was there promoting his product.  Asai-San told me he was in the U.S. for Ming Tsai's cooking show.  When I first met Asai-San, the humble gentleman struck me as someone who was more than passionate about the product he was selling.  His desire to keep the tradition to prepare the best miso along with his pride that his son will continue the family tradition of over 400 hundred years was heart touching and inspiring. 

Organic, kosher miso.  I had to ask him so many questions, about being organic, non-gmo. The polite, salt and pepper-haired gentlemen in his traditional garb answered all my questions very patiently.  One sip of the rich miso - he won me over.  I don't think I could ever go back to drinking regular miso - it's like once you have tasted the best, you only want that.  Miso, texture and taste, is like wine, each unique and with a distinct flavor.  Hatcho miso is robust and rich. You could feel the good vibrations that it was prepared with.  There is no metal in the structure where the miso is made, only wood and stone.  The miso is prepared only with salt and soy in a slow procedure that takes two and a half years.  The soy is supplied to Asai-San, by his school friend, so he knows the source.

Click here for more info on Hatcho miso

It's rare that we find people like Asai-San, who don't want to take shortcuts to mass produce in order to sell a successful product!  Instead here is someone who is proud of his family business, someone who is interested in preserving the fine quality of miso and ensuring that the tradition is passed down from generation to generation.  Arigato Asai-San to you and your family for sharing your prized miso with the world.

Shintoro Asai, President of Maruya Hatcho Miso Ltd.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Meet Faith

Let me introduce you to Faith ~

Sorry, she’s not the tall, sweet blonde with blue eyes who lives on the other side of the floor. 

No, Faith is the beautiful belief that dwells within you.

Faith is one of those “F” words which has been pushed aside by Frustration and Fear.
In Mark 12, verse 22 ~ 24, Jesus says

“Have Faith in God…What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye shall have them.”
One associates Faith with God; but Faith can be belief/trust in yourself ~ you are a reflection of your Creator.

When there is Faith, there is no place for fear, the two can’t be roommates! A total no-no! Life has become a fight between Foe and Friend, Fear and Faith.

Why is it that we waste so much of our energy on FEAR? Unnecessarily, we provide it rent-free space in our minds! From where did this sudden generosity occur?

Fear, My Dear, as you might have heard, is basically:


A little simple math:


Don’t stop yourself in your tracks, Sweetie. You weren’t meant to stay comfy in your pj’s slumped on a couch with your attached ‘limb,’ the remote control or Iphone. You are here to share your gift with passion to the world. So put on your Jimmy Choo’s and start living life to the fullest!

You, My Dear, have a bigger game to play ~ Your Creator has plans for you!

Be a Faith Fairy, wave your magic wand and watch miracles perform in your life.
Earlier this month, my Guru was to give his farewell sermon in New Jersey before he departed back to India. The service was to be held at 7:30 p.m., 12 miles from my home. When I reached work, I found out that there was a hurricane alert for our area until 5 p.m. “Well by 5 it should be fine,” I keep assuring myself. At lunch time leaves were blowing everywhere in the City, it started getting dark and even sprinkled. I watched my mind playing a battle between fear and Faith. It was in vivid colors, sharper than the Ipad. Fear, like little goblins in Pac-Man, was chewing up my Faith, my poor Pac-Man!

I kept checking the weather. The forecast had changed. Oh Dear! Thunderstorms were expected up to 7 p.m.! Deep breaths. I called a friend who lived near the Center and she said it was nice and the storm must have gone away. It wasn’t even raining there. I searched on the Internet for buses to the Center as a backup, but it would take me 2+ hours to get home after the service! Fear was playing games, I remembered the last time I went to the Center, there were thunderstorms and heavy rain and my wipers weren’t working well! I was terrified driving home in the dark late at night. When we don’t have faith in ourselves, we open the door for negative thoughts and fear to fly in.

Then all of sudden, Pac-Man (Faith) swallowed up the little goblins (fear)! Yay!

I said, “Yes, I am going to do it – I am so worried about something that might not even happen. I will put on my oils, chant my mantras and drive!”

As soon as I got home, I grabbed my car key and left. I wanted to get half way to the Center before it got dark or the thundershowers started. I reached safely. Praise to the Lord! Yes! I did it!! High Five!!! FAITH! FAITH! FAITH!

When the service was over, I could see the leaves starting to rustle and didn’t bother to chat with anyone, but rushed home. The roads were perfectly clear, people were at home because of the expected inclement weather. I made it in record time ~ no crazy drivers with high beams, no thunderstorms ~ MIRACLE!

As soon as I entered my building, I noticed a few drops on my windshield and exclaimed, “Thank you, Lord!” He had protected me and brought me home safely! As soon as I got out of the car, the dark sky opened, and let the rain out with a roar of thunder! I was dancing with joy! I made it ~ Me and My Faith made it!
“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve; the fear of failure.”
~ Paul Coelho
Believe and Achieve!
This guest blog,which I had submitted earlier last month, was published on the day I was sitting by my father's hospital bed.   It was a gentle reminder from the Universe at the time I needed it most.

Let us keep the flame of faith strong and forever kindled.