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Gluten-Free in Manhattan: Savory Snack Bar

On this rainy afternoon, I ended up downstairs at the new Fairway on 86th Street. My eyes landed on the freebie samples that they were offering - about to pass the table, I casually asked if the bars were gluten-free?  To my belly's delight, the response was in the affirmative!  "It's gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free," said Amotz, one of the Co-Founders of Sheffa Foods.
WOW! C'est pour moi.  :)

The snack bars are really quite a treat - I like their crispy, crunchy texture and they remind of the Indian snacks, but a much healthier version.  Amoz directed me to their "Zesty Snack Mix."  It was lunch time and I could have easily purchased everything I saw.  I did pick up the Zesty Snack Mix and am happily snacking on it while I type. It's really delish and a great new mix to serve to your guests this holiday season.  You could add chopped red onions, a tablespoon of chopped cilantro and some tamarind chutney to make it a gluten-free Bhel Puri.


Do You Hear God?

Does God speak to you? Sure God does. How often are you able to hear Him?
After listening to a recent teleseminar on a related topic, my consciousness has shifted and I have become aware of how He speaks to me. Yes, I heard God, or should I say, God spoke to me -- one day on my way to Port Authority, when I was questioning myself, the bus stopped right in front of this bright blue sign:
Rethink Possible
I truly believed the Universe/God was speaking to me. At the end of a long day, it was such an inspiration to see that sign. I later realized that it was AT&T's new logo, but I was happy in my heart - this sign had brought a smile to my face and lit it with joy. God is always guiding us and showing us that He is there for us. Little signs, little incidents. With an increased awareness tomorrow, let me know if you hear Him. On days when you are down or scratching you head for an answer, open your heart and connect with Him. Who knows what you will see or hear, but please do shar…