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I am in Heaven! Thank you God.

Publish PostGreetings! Summer is finally here.  Here's a piece from heaven - expressing gratitude for the most wonderful meal.

I am so grateful at this very moment...I type while I munch on the sesame seeds from my cheung fun (rice noodles in center below).  Stopped for another bite...excuse me.  I feel the sweet taste of hosin sauce and enjoy the crunchiness of the seeds. The warm noodles are comforting my soul and I really feel in heaven.  In front of me is a bowl full of lychees and rambutan....yum... is not enough to describe the feeling.  On the other side, to my right, is an ice-cold glass of Chendol.  Didn't I say I was in heaven?  I wash down the sweet and sour taste of the hoisin sauce with another happy gulp of Chendol.  Today, I have resorted to comfort food, oh dear, I have given in to the 20% of the 80/20 rule!  That's when you are good 80% of the time, and huh, 20% of the time there are circumstances you can't control, e.g. when you go to Chinatown.  Shhh!…