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Exotic, sweet yet hot....

What can it be?  Raw Mango Salad, of course!

This recipe has been adapted from  Michael Natkin's cookbook Herbivoracious

Now that mangoes are in season, this is the perfect recipe for those of us who can't wait for the mangoes to ripen!
1 Raw Mango
1/2 Red Onion
1 Lime
Fresh Dill or Mint
Sea Salt to taste
1 tsp Hot Sesame Oil or Toasted Sesame Oil
1 tsp Coconut Sugar (to your taste)
1/2 jalapeno or chili pepper - optional
2 inch ginger grated

Love using my Kyocera mandoline slicer - one of the best kitchen toys ever!  After peeling the mango, slice the mango with the mandoline or very finely with a sharp knife. Do the same with the onion. Watch those nails and knuckles!  You can play with the blade settings of the mandoline to create the visual effect you are seeking. 

Squeeze approx 1/3 cup fresh lime juice and mix well with the coconut sugar or other natural sweetener, salt, ginger and sesame oil. Adjust salt and sugar according to taste and sweetness of mango. Since I …

Driving with Daddy

Happy Father's Day Everyone!  Hope you had an enjoyable day with your loved ones!  Here's Cool Daddy!  Yes, even though I have crossed the half-century mark, I still lovingly call him "Daddy" or "Papi!"  Perhaps, we don't want to grow up and still love that term of endearment which resonates with our special bond with that soul?

I can never forget driving lessons with Daddy on Kapiolani Boulevard and near Diamond Hill! "Oh! don't forget to pull the hand brake."  "Did you turn the tires?"  "Ahyaa! (Chinese exclamation) you have to go closer to the curb, not so far!  LOL!  At 16 "Driving with Daddy" in his prized, green-colored Mustang with manual steering, was quite an adventure!  Poor Papi, I can only now imagine what his cortisol level must have been!

I am ever so grateful I got to spend my college days with him, the ambitious entrepreneur, who was always travelling from one country to another.  Recently, my sist…