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Driving with Daddy

Daddy aka Mr. Mohan
Happy Father's Day Everyone!  Hope you had an enjoyable day with your loved ones!  Here's Cool Daddy!  Yes, even though I have crossed the half-century mark, I still lovingly call him "Daddy" or "Papi!"  Perhaps, we don't want to grow up and still love that term of endearment which resonates with our special bond with that soul?

I can never forget driving lessons with Daddy on Kapiolani Boulevard and near Diamond Hill! "Oh! don't forget to pull the hand brake."  "Did you turn the tires?"  "Ahyaa! (Chinese exclamation) you have to go closer to the curb, not so far!  LOL!  At 16 "Driving with Daddy" in his prized, green-colored Mustang with manual steering, was quite an adventure!  Poor Papi, I can only now imagine what his cortisol level must have been!

I am ever so grateful I got to spend my college days with him, the ambitious entrepreneur, who was always travelling from one country to another.  Recently, my sister, her family and I visited Daddy, who was over excited and full of joy upon seeing us and wanted to do everything to ensure we were comfortable just as he did when we were younger.  His heightened happiness erased the pain and suffering of his deteriorated health. The days flew while were there, the airport farewell was the saddest of all.  My father, who doesn't walk too far nowadays, insisted on leaving me to the check-in counter.  Even at 80+ he wanted to make sure his baby was going to make it safely on the flight.  While I was waiting to check in, I watched my father walk slowly towards the exit.  My heart was sinking - I was overcome with grief.  I left my luggage and immediately called after him, "Daddy, Daddy!"  He couldn't hear me as he had misplaced one of his hearing aids.  I ran as fast as I could and gave him the tightest squeeze ever!  A real big hug --  and said loudly, "I love you Daddy!"  After a little kiss on his cheek - I quickly turned away so that he wouldn't see the gush of my tears and nor I his.

It's so true that as we get older, our values and thoughts change and we embrace each moment we get to spend with a loved one - cherishing it, and praying it isn't our last.

Enjoy every moment of this special day and please tell your father and/or grandfather you love them not only today but for the rest of the days of your blessed life.

Cheers to Your Loving Relationships!



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