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Om Shanti,

What a magnificent summer!  I've so much that I want to share about my terrific time.  I write while the waves slam the banks of the river and the winds beat up the trees - a storm is headed up the Northeast.  I'm being entertained by nature's symphony.
I have done some workshops on natural remedies and green living with essential oils recently and wanted to start off by sharing this wonderful thought:
Thought for Peace - Raja Yoga Center (HK)
Like an incense stick
Although your thoughts, attitudes, intentions and feelings are not visible, they do have an effect. They permeate the atmosphere and influence the mood in a room, like the aroma from an incense stick, curling through the air ...
Negative thoughts and intentions or a less than generous attitude release a heavy pungent odor.

Kind thoughts, beneficial intentions, or an understanding attitude create a fragrant aroma, uplifting the atmosphere.

What atmosphere are you creating?