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Corn and Lemongrass Soup

Last Thursday, when I got back from my meditation class I was absolutely famished!  I walked straight into the kitchen, and without taking my coat off, I started opening and closing the refrigerator and pantry doors a few times - it's a little salsa dance in sync - you open the refrigerator, then you close it (disappointed), you open the pantry, then you shut it (clueless), then you go back to the refrigerator - one, two, close and open!

Finally, my eyes caught hold of the corn and lemongrass soup which I had bought from Whole Foods.  I love Thai food and was excited when I saw that they had a gluten-free corn soup with lemongrass! Yum! Love that lemongrass!  While it was warming up, I took out the boiled corn cob that I had in the refrigerator and started removing the corn from the cob. I love texture and the extra corn made it taste more homemade. After I added the corn, I noticed on the side of the box a suggestion to serve with noodles!  A light bulb went on in my head, I grabb…