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Happy Warm New Year! Comfort Food for This BRRR-Cold Night!

Happy New Year Dear Readers!  I extend to you my warmest greetings on this fr-e-e-zing cold day!  It was 4F when I left for work this morning but it felt like spring when I returned home as the temperature had climbed up to 19F! Thank God!  
I have been blogging in my mind everyday, but was determined today to post something. My delicious dinner gave me the push to post about it.  My son had mentioned that he had made some spaghetti earlier and that had brought on a desire for some pasta - yes, my body was asking for some comfort food. So I quickly boiled 2 cups of gluten-free pasta.  I discovered that I still had some dairy-free cheese in the refrigerator; however, I couldn't remember when I had opened the packet. I sniffed to see if there was any odor and crossed my fingers while I made sure there was nothing blue (mold)!!!  The angels were looking after me today! I was in luck! I was going to have Penne with Cheese! Yeah! Why the exclamation and excitement over pasta? Well, I do…