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Thank you

While many are busy preparing for tomorrow's big feast and celebration, it amazes me how it's only this time of the year that that most of us have set aside time to have a meal with our family and give thanks.  Why should we be grateful and count our blessings only on the third Thursday in November?  Why is it that we only make an effort to sit down and eat with our family on Thanksgiving or Special Religious Holidays?

If only we could count 5 things we are grateful for each night, our lives will transform. We will start focusing on the good and appreciate everything around us, including the soft breeze that gently caresses our face, the warmth of the sunlight and a friend's hug and Electricity!

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be grateful for and I can't thank the Lord enough for saving our home from Sandy.  Not having electricity for a week was a challenge, but eating with candle light was very soothing.  My heart and prayers go to those who have been affected by…