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Sweet Sensation

Super Bowl Sunday!  While most people were busy preparing delicious edibles for half-time for their Super Bowl party, I was a giving a workshop on sugar. The audience was truly amazed to see how much sugar there is in a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi!  56 tsps!!!  I doubt if anyone who attended today's workshop had soda at their Super Bowl party!

When checking out nutritional labels, often times we rush and don't realize that the grams of sugar listed are for a single serving and not for the entire product.  4 gms of sugar are equal to 1 tsp of sugar.  Next time you reach for something from your pantry or refrigerator, look to see how many grams of sugar it contains.  Soon you will be a math wiz - an expert in dividing things by 4 'cause you'll want to know how many teaspoons of sugar you are consuming.  We consume approx. 150 lbs (30 five pound bags) of sugar each year!  If you want to lose weight, try becoming "refined sugar-free" and use natural sweeteners only w…