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I am in Heaven! Thank you God.

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Favorite Fruits - That Wonderful Time in The Year
Greetings! Summer is finally here.  Here's a piece from heaven - expressing gratitude for the most wonderful meal.

I am so grateful at this very moment...I type while I munch on the sesame seeds from my cheung fun (rice noodles in center below).  Stopped for another bite...excuse me.  I feel the sweet taste of hosin sauce and enjoy the crunchiness of the seeds. The warm noodles are comforting my soul and I really feel in heaven.  In front of me is a bowl full of lychees and rambutan....yum... is not enough to describe the feeling.  On the other side, to my right, is an ice-cold glass of Chendol.  Didn't I say I was in heaven?  I wash down the sweet and sour taste of the hoisin sauce with another happy gulp of Chendol.  Today, I have resorted to comfort food, oh dear, I have given in to the 20% of the 80/20 rule!  That's when you are good 80% of the time, and huh, 20% of the time there are circumstances you can't control, e.g. when you go to Chinatown.  Shhh!  Let me savor the moment and enjoy today.  All my senses are in divine bliss...I smell the sweetness of the fruits while I inhale the aroma of the noodles, my tongue relishes each and every bite, crunching one sesame seed at a time and my eyes feast on this heart-pleasing palate.

Cheung Fun are steamed rice noodles which are served with soy sauce and hosin sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds on top - popular breakfast in Hong Kong and China.
Chendol, is a popular drink found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, too name a few.  It is made with coconut milk, agar agar or rice flour jelly, palm sugar and shaved ice - perfect for a warm summer day.

Rambutan and Lychees are fruits typically found in Southeast Asia, but these days you can find them here in the Big Apple.  Don't let these fuzzy-looking fruits scare you - they are a superb sweet treat.

There's no place like New York - you can get everything to nourish your heart and soul.


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Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni

Attendees of the Healing Retreat for Caregivers at St. Emeric's Church in Manhattan today were truly blessed with powerful talks and healing by Father Halbing and the beautiful presence of Chad Gatchalian's Holy Statue of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni.  Chad has got this Holy Statute all the way from India.  She joyfully shares Our Lady, also known as the "Lourdes of the East," with congregations at various places of worship throughout the country.

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Did you know that this is the original Sriracha? Mrs. Chakkapak created it in her kitchen in Si Racha, Thailand, for her family and friends. See article from Bon Appetit by Andrea Nguyen.

I came across this chopstick-licking sauce, which is hot, yet slightly sweet, during my trek to the Thai Grocery Store. I prefer it to the sweet chili sauce with loads of pepper seeds. Sriraja has the right kick! What I especially appreciate is that it is free of preservatives and artificial coloring and has no msg!  Can't wait to dig in to my bowl of noodles!

Bon appétit!


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Do you struggle with preparing a meal at home on Friday evenings? My legs could barely carry me home tonight - I had done a lot of running around this week and running up and down the long subway escalators. I was kaput!

Did I forget my vitamins??

I ran out of my go-to-comfort food.  Brown rice tortillas and Daiya cheese are my butter and toast. Trader Joe's hasn't had any brown rice tortillas recently - all the snow storms we have been having - people have been grabbing them before I reach there!

After eating a few corn tortilla chips, dried coconut chips, I knew I had to make something substantial 'cause I wasn't going to survive on that or rice crackers and kimchi sauce!

Enter the can can dance! I kept eyeing the can of kidney beans while my mouth salivated. "Yes, I want that!" "Nah! Who's going to chop garlic, tomatoes, etc.?" I debated with myself - I'm too tired.

I gave in - made the kidney beans and have enough energy to write this …