Friday, May 10, 2013

Tricks to Eat Less

Shhh!  Here's my secret!  Chopsticks and a small bowl!  You'll eventually get tired of picking up those seeds and grains of rice!  It's true the larger the cutlery and plate size, the more you eat! Write with experience.

When I moved to Germany, I was appalled at the size of the plates.  They were more like PLATTERS not PLATES!  The spoon was so large that the first time I put it in my mouth, I felt like I was at a dentist's office and had to pry open my mouth wide, really wide. It took time getting used to, after all I had just moved from Hong Kong where I was used to eating with chopsticks, in which I had to barely part my lips.  Surely, weight gain was inevitable, along with excellent, hearty food.  It was almost impossible to finish every thing on my plat[t]e[r].

If only I had known then what I know now, put half the food aside to pack up to take home. This way you only eat half 'cause you know when you are engrossed in a juicy conversation or batting eyes at your paramour, you quickly forget how much you are putting on that fork and keep chewing away. Another trick to limit your calories and avoid reaching for digestive aids later!

Brushing your teeth after each meal is a great deterrent, too!  Brush and floss as soon as you finish dinner or any meal; works especially well after dinner.  The next time you open the refrigerator to reach for a late night snack after you have brushed and flossed, you'll think twice - 'cause who wants to brush and floss again? Seriously? Yes, you really do need to brush if you are going to dig into the pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia or Chocolate Haagen-Daz 'cause you don't want to be sitting in the dentist's office having your cavities filled or a root canal procedure! 

Divas, apply a dark shade of your favorite lipstick when going to an event where there will be a spread of irresistible, gourmet treats.  Since you love looking your perfect, gorgeous self, you'll feel less likely to mess up your lips and get that red lipstick smeared, running or all over your teeth.

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Bon appétit!

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