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What do you look at ....

What do you look at very frequently throughout the day?

What comes to your mind without over thinking the question?  Try not to take more than 10 seconds.
Just write what comes up.

What is your answer?

Let me guess: 

Your watch or clock?

The mirror?

iPhone or smartphone?

If your response was "watch or clock" ~

We spend more time looking at the time - Father Time is not going to wait for us.  The hands on the watch aren't just going to stop so that we can finish our projects or errands (unless it runs out of battery)!  Instead let's use that time to finish our tasks.  Try not wearing your watch for a day or so and see how frustrating it is at first; however, later, you start to feel lighter and less stressed 'cause you are not drawing your attention as often to the time.

If your response was "mirror" ~

Thank you for being honest!  "Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the fairest of them all?"  Don't worry - no one is going to examine the zit on your face or the broccoli stuck between your teeth with a magnifying glass.  People are too busy with their own problems to be concerned about any of these or your fly away hair, which you try to brush down.

If your response was " iPhone or smartphone" ~

Ah, if only we could stop checking our emails and texts as soon as we hear the beep or when our phone vibrates.  Relax, breathe, set aside time to respond to texts.  First tackle the "A" (priority) items on your to do list.

When was the last time you admired the bright, blue sky filled with puffy clouds that look like cotton candy?  When was the last time you really admired your daughter's art work which you have by your desk?

Truly fortunate are you who answered, "The smile on my loved one's (or child's) face" or

"the view from my window."

Cheers to your vibrant health!



  1. Great reminder about placing attention on that which is truly the priority in one's life. Thank you, Jyoti!


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