Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lost in Candy Land


Couple of days ago, I missed my stop on the subway and landed up on 34th Street.  I looked for uptown train signs only to find out that I would have to swipe my card again if I wanted to go back! Uggh!  I decided to exit and perhaps go to the meditation center.  Upon reaching the street level, I backed out of the meditation center idea 'cause it was couple of avenues away and it had started raining. I quickly noticed that I was only 1/2 a block from the B&H Photo Store.  Perfect. The memory chip for my camera had cracked recently and needed to be replaced.  So off I went to B&H.

I had heard so much about B&H - expecting it to be a regular camera store was sooo shocked and amazed!  I found myself like a little girl lost in the candy store!  OMG!  Was this Santa Land? Conveyor belts carrying  products up and down, so many gadgets, so muchhh to just get yourself lost into.  Lighting, Tents, Tripods, Lenses, Cameras and more Cameras.  The intention had been to go there only for 2 mins to pick up the SanDisk card.

What a rush of endorphins!  I found myself "drooling" at new cameras (as if they were juice-filled candies). Perhaps Amex would send me a gift card for a shopping spree at B&H? This place is amazing - I heart Bloomies, but B&H is like a Macy's filled with electronic gadgets. For a blogger who is constantly clicking photos or shooting videos, this is "Candy Land," and I enjoyed every minute of getting lost in it.  

Have you been to B&H?  

Cheers to Happy Clicking!

B&H Photo Store on 34th Street

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