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Cheese Anyone?

Right from that first bite into the hot, gooey, stringy mozzarella on a freshly-baked slice of pizza, we feel as if we are in seventh heaven.  Just looking at melted, bubbly cheese makes you salivate. The aroma of oregano and tomato sauce uplifts your spirits.  When we eat cheese, casomorphin an opiate-like, feel good chemical which is highly addictive, is released.  That's why we want more and more....and even more.

Just as the cheese on the pizza or the rocky road ice-cream, are so comforting and addicting, there are many who break out with acne, aggravate their sinus issues, or experience bloating, gas or other digestive problems, etc.

Going dairy-free is no joke.  However, after watching documentaries such as Food Matters, Hungry for Change and learning about what really is in that glass of milk, makes it even harder to digest it. When you feel lighter and your complexion starts to clear up, when your tummy doesn't hurt as much and you don't have to pass gas as often, you are in sync with your body and know you are on the right track to reclaiming your health. There are numerous dairy-free options being introduced into the market each day.

The above quesadilla is gluten-free and dairy-free.  Here's the link to an earlier post for the recipe
Dairy-free, gluten-free quesadilla recipe

Have you tried other types of dairy-free cheese?  Have you ever thought of going dairy-free (even for a few weeks) to see how you would feel?

Cheers to your vibrant health!



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Attendees of the Healing Retreat for Caregivers at St. Emeric's Church in Manhattan today were truly blessed with powerful talks and healing by Father Halbing and the beautiful presence of Chad Gatchalian's Holy Statue of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni.  Chad has got this Holy Statute all the way from India.  She joyfully shares Our Lady, also known as the "Lourdes of the East," with congregations at various places of worship throughout the country.

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