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Before You Clean

Spring is finally here! It reached almost 60°F in the metropolitan area and it's going to be 75°F tomorrow!

Before you put on your gloves and grab the Bounty to start your spring cleaning, check out what a recent World Health Organization landmark study reveals about common household chemicals at

Want to know what is in your cleaning products? Visit the Environmental Working Group's cleaner guides.

Discover the benefits of a great alternative option - Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner, which I use along with baking soda, vinegar and liquid dishwashing soap.

What are you going to use for your spring cleaning?

Cheers to your Vibrant Health!



  1. If I can ever get to it, I love using the products my grandma used like dish soap, vinegar, and bleach. I think the only place I stray, is with the hardwood floors. I haven't been able to find anything that works for me as well as Murphy's soap, although I will use Bruce's hardwood floor spray in a pinch.

    1. That's great Terri - nothing like good ol' soap and vinegar. I use Thieves Household Cleaner on my wood floors.

  2. Great post, Jyoti. Being mindful of the chemicals that we use in our home will go a long way in reducing the body burden of toxins within our bodies and within our children's bodies. We don't need to sterilize the house! Using the few ingredients that you list here should be sufficient to clean 99% of what you need to clean in the home. Thank you for a very timely post as we enter into full-blown spring season!

  3. Thank you Dr. Melissa for your comment.


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