Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This little gluten-free piggy went to the market....

Happy Spring!  (It feels more like summer today!)

Since the clock has leaped forward one hour, it feels like your heart leaps with energy and joy now that the sun rises earlier and the wonderful, warm weather is here. 

Time to bask in the glorious sun, scroll in the park.....time to go to the Farmers Market at Union Square.  The atmosphere at the market is so invigorating - fragrant lavender, herbs, flowers, fresh honey, leafy green vegetables......and ....GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN BREAD! 

OMG!  If you are not vegan, there are freshly baked scones (g-f and reg).  My head started to spin. I was salivating when I saw, "Gluten-free Cranberry Scone (with orange)."  STOP!  I can't take it any more. I had to have this. Oh no! It had egg in it, too late.  Unable to control myself, I turned a blind eye to the word "egg." Totally lost it!  Took a small bite, it was gooood; it tasted like a baked treat, not cardboard.  Devoured another bite.  It's going to be okay, how much egg can there be in this? I was still alive.  Oh dear! There was butter, too, and SUGAR!  Now I was dead.  I had eaten half the scone and then started looking at the ingredients as if I was using a MAGNIFYING GLASS.  Isn't it amazing how we conveniently turn a blind eye when we wish to get what we want?  I did suffer the consequences because of my allergies - bloating, cough, sugar overload accompanied by a feeling of  guilt, but then we are only human.

The vegan bread is a winner!  Fresh, soft and makes a great toast; esp. when you spread some Nutiva Coconut Oil and sprinkle some cinnamon and raisins.  Each bite oozing with coconut oil, while the aroma of cinnamon permeates the air. Don't you just love the smell of cinnamon toast in the a.m.? The baked goods are by The Gluten Free Bakery, their facebook page is ODBeFree.

Stay tuned for more on This Little Piggy went to the Farmers Market.
Cheers to a Vibrant Gluten-Free Life!

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