Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Soul Food - My First Cucumber

Greetings!  Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?  Remember that nursery rhyme?  This has been the second year that I have had a Jardin de balcon. Anything French, makes it sounds so haute and sophisticated, gives it pizzaz. Although I think Patio Garden sounds, good, too. Well, this is the first year I decided to be brave enough to experiment with cucumbers.  Here are pics of my prized possessions.  I'm going to have a painfully hard time eating these beauties.  The cucumbers have been not as taxing as tomatoes.  Tomatoes need a lot of attention, a lot of water, and I mean lots of water!!  I used to water the tomato plant in the morning and evening during the hot summer last year and had to have a friend tomato-sit while I was away on vacation. 

Apart for being great for cooling you down and helping lower blood pressure, cucumbers can be used for a quick touch up on your leather shoes.  Best eye mask after partying all night! Cucumbers also cause the collagen in your skin to tighten - great for cellulite and wrinkles too!!!

The rest of the jardin is such a delight!  I look forward to meditating on the patio among the herbs and plants, feeling the warmth of the sun - it's such a wonderful feeling - the atmosphere enhances my meditation and connection with the universe.  After meditation, I get thrilled with the little surprises that mother nature blesses me with.  A little pepper bud here, a tiny cukie here, oregano and mint crawling over the balcony.  When you are grateful and count your blessings, it seems as if each day you are blessed with more to be grateful for. 

Baby Cukies

Pepper Ripe and Ready

Gorgeous Green Salad with Summer's Specialities

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