Thursday, May 5, 2011


What does a gluten-free, vegan do when she doesn't have enough time to prepare her lunch in the a.m.? Two options: a. Go hungry; or b. Contribute to the abundance of the national economy by eating out! 

There's hope - being Cinco de Mayo, I was craving for something Mexican, but that was short-lived when my friends were too busy.  So I opted for the next best - something spicy, something close by and with PROTEIN and not saturated with FAT.  I went to Chickpea.  I like that name, sounds like a cute baby store or something of that sort.  Their falafels are BAKED - not fried! Yum!  Love those little spinach-broccoli ones. They are full of flavor and texture and go so well with the basil hummus or tahini.  I got the falafel nuggets sans pita.  The tahini and hummus are vegan and dairy-free. The basil hummus simply melts in your mouth!

If you are ever looking for a quick snack, a side order of five falafel bites is only $1.50.  Chickpea has several locations in the City.

Coming back to the special day - Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

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  1. Yum! I ike the looks of those toothsome little bites. No Chickpea here on the Island, though! Best, Terry-Anya