Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Google may be the best search engine, or go to site, but it can't compare to MOM, the best "search angel" or go to person, where you get personalized, individual attention/response and pampering!
 Want to know to what to wear for the party?  Call Mummy
Gold purse or silver purse -- maybe the black beaded one?  Call Mummy
Want to know how many cloves of garlic to put in the dahl (lentil soup)?  Call Mummy
Want to know what to do when the pudding doesn't set?  Call Mummy
Need to have my blouse taken in?  Call Mummy
Feeling frustrated and need to speak to someone?  Call Mummy
Want to share the good news with someone?  Call Mummy

In the old days, I remember exchanging aerogrammes with my mother.  In today's technology savvy age, believe it or not, Speed Dial 7-- Lucky 7 -- is for Mummy!  Mummy and I have not yet reached the texting stage.  Who knows, maybe I'll text her after I'm done to see how she's enjoying her day? 

My guru once said that we make an effort to spend time and appreciate our mothers only once a year, on Mother's Day; but Mother's Day should be every day. We should love, respect and appreciate our mothers everyday. 

It's also been said that because God could not be everywhere, he created mothers.

My mother is my best friend!  Mummy, I love you and wish you a Very Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers, too!  Pat yourself on the back, you've done a great job!
Your run a very tough "corporation" every day.  In today's world, a mother is more than a Super Woman!  Most moms have to juggle between their jobs and their maternal responsibilities - exchanging their Super Woman "cape" for  an "apron" once they enter their home.

Today, let the dishes sit in the sink, let the clothes be in the hamper.  Today is your special day. So take a bubble bath, put on your favorite perfume, or essential oil, sit and relax with your feet up.

Let them pamper you!  Enjoy the kisses and hugs. Cherish these special moments.

Happy Mother's Day!

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